Man in bed 1998

Marketing image from 1998.

From humble beginnings

It is vital that important information is easily accessible on a hospital ward. Sometimes the solution is a straightforward idea and that’s what we’ve brought to the market for a quarter centaury.


Introducing the Patient Record Holder!


Originally designed and created internally in 1998, it was Chris Hunter’s (now Managing Director) job to hand deliver samples in his Ford Fiesta to NHS and Private hospitals up and down the country. Fast forward 25 years on and it is now considered an essential part of the fixtures and fittings on a hospitals ward.

Making An Appearance

Having sold over 100,000 units to hospitals all over the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the Patient Record Holder soon became a well established and integral part of the ward environment – even making regular appearances on TV! A common sight in both your local hospital and on the cobbles!


Over the last 25 years, we have developed many variations of our standard patient record holder to adapt to the change in bed frame shape, different ward environments (eg. themed designs for children’s wards), as well as different shapes and sizes for different methods of organisation.

Our most loved variations


Wall Mounted


Double Capacity


Swivel Hook


Clear Pocket

SBW-BLU Jungle


Portrait Patient Record Holder, Blue, Hook


A Nightingale Hospital ward during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During trying times…

Due to the need for reducing cross communication, we saw the Record Holder’s popularity rocket throughout various outbreaks.


Such as the Ebola epidemic and more recently because of Covid-19 – with over 10,000 units sold to Nightingale Hospitals and many other Covid wards during 2020-2021 alone.

Introducing –   Version 2!

Bringing many of our loved variations into one product, V2 is made from durable anti-microbial material. The modern hook design allows the unit to be placed on any bed frame type, including older “square” and “curvy” frames alike.


Furthermore the hook is fully detachable, allowing the unit to be fixed to the wall or door. Also larger corner holes allow easier cleaning and extra space for cables – the V2 being perfect for holding tablets/iPads.


The dry wipe front panel allows for a patient name, nurse/consultant and special instructions to be displayed at a glance.

It’s wonderful to finally launch version 2 of our highly successful patient record holder product.

The new version presents not only a massive leap forward in terms of quality and durability, but has

also been manufactured to be future proof for digital technology, with a slot for an RFID chip in the back.


Chris Hunter – Managing Director

About Visual Systems Healthcare

Established in 1981, Visual Systems Healthcare industry leaders in dynamic visual communication strategies, helping maximise hospital efficiencies, and release more time for direct patient care.


From long lasting pre-printed boards, built to withstand heavy usage in a busy environment, to colourful patient record holders and pictorial magnetic indicators, Visual Systems Healthcare is your one stop shop for all things productive ward.


They are the largest supplier of Patient Record Holders, which are available on NHS supply Chain and directly through themselves.


Visual Systems Healthcare are looking for trade partners and distributors in the UK, especially bed manufacturers and stationary companies.