Achieve Your Safe Patient Flow

Every trust in the UK is now focusing on achieving a Safer Patient Flow and many have already published their action plans.

By combining a set of simple rules with our efficient communication tools, many hospitals have managed to to improve patient flow and prevent unnecessary waiting for patients.

The benefits of using our ward management and communication tools are:

· Patients will benefit from improved care co-ordination and standardisation of approach.
· Patients will benefit from a well-planned, informed and timely discharge.
· Patients will be less likely to be outliers (i.e. cared for on the wrong ward)
· Patients will be less likely to be cared for in crowded wards and departments.

We have put together a catalogue of the most popular ward communication tools used by our NHS clients in order to achieve their quality improvement targets and CQC scores, which you can download by clicking the below link: