Pet-G Clear Patient Record Holder

Pet-G Clear Patient Record Holder

About this product

Manufactured from Pet-G biodegradable, closed cell infection control material and designed for display of patient information at their bed-end. The unique properties of the Pet-G material make this product both environmental and infection control friendly.

The Pet-G Patient Record Holder was designed as a response to the necessity of displaying patient information at their bed-end whilst preventing the spread of infection. Manufactured from Pet-G, a closed cell infection control material, the product is infection control-friendly and biodegradable.

Product specfication

  • Suitable to fit any flat top bed end.
  • Manufactured from PetG, a closed cell infection control material.
  • Available in clear only.
  • Dimensions: 360x280x50mm. Hook: 50mm

Infection Control Friendly


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