Portrait Patient Record Holder

Portrait Patient Record Holder

About this product

The strong bull dog clip holds A4 documents and allows quick swap and update of patient data. Display patient information at their bed-end, making it accessible at all times. Choose from our standard designs or inquire about custom colours, material or front label.   The Portrait Patient Record Holder was designed as a response to the necessity of displaying patient information at their bed-end. The product is suitable for both storing and updating patient records due to the bull dog clip attached at the front. Patient Record Holders improve the organisation of ward units and allow immediate access to patient information.

Product specfication

  • Suitable to fit any flat top bed end. Equipped with a heavy-duty bull dog clip.
  • Available in red and blue. Enquire for more colours.
  • Dimensions: 370x280x50mm. Hook: 50mm


Call 01484 865786 to order your Portrait Patient Record Holders.