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The Patient Status At A Glance Board is the use of visual display of information and staff allocation / handover meetings to provide your team with the information they need most regularly. It provides clarity about who’s doing what, for whom and provides a structure for your handover meetings.

PSAG boards provide real time savings and improvements in the quality of patient care. Trusts who use them have reported reduced costs, improved patient satisfaction and staff motivation as well as meeting quality and efficiency targets.

How does it help?

  • Make your handovers quicker and ensure information is communicated.
  • Communicate the status of all patients in seconds.
  • Reduce the number of interruptions as you deliver care.
  • Standardise the format of meetings, allowing you o delegate easier.

To make implementation of the PSAG board easier and more instinctive for your team, NHS has created a six step process:

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