Ward Board

Thanks to St James’s and the Leeds Teaching Hospital for purchasing this ward board. Despite being simple, this board will hopefully benefit the staff in lots of ways. No matter how simple or complex, we can do whatever you need.

Patient Status at a Glance (PSAG)

Purpose made, this PSAG features multiple unique aspects that greatly help with the management of patient flow and care. This board has a close able door for confidentiality which also acts as another place to show important keys for understanding the board.

Nutrition Board

We can turn any idea, process or problem into a baord. Anything we can monitor we can manage which is what this board aims to fufill for patient nutrition and diet. Easy to read columns and rows allow staff to quickly figure out the likes, dislikes and much more about the patient. Get in contact and we’ll see what we …

Ward Bay Bed Board

A very big thanks to Fordwich Ward at East Kent Hospitals University who recently received their own ward board bed bay board. Here at Visual Systems, we would like to wish the team every success using this board. We hope it will improve communications for all staff. Different sizes of these boards are available.

Butler Green Patient Feedback Board

This custom printed magnetic and drywipe board has been designed especially for Oldham Care Organisation. A fantastic communication tool to allow patient feedback and evidence of change to suit the comments. These boards will help any ward or department and can be any size.

Welcome to Children’s Emergency Department

Unique and special this is one of our ‘Welcome to Ward Boards’ made specifically for a children’s emergency department. Featuring clear pockets for interchangeable information as well a small staff management table. It’s functionality but cuteness means it will help the little ones to feel more comfortable with the easy on the eyes colour and images.

Aorta Board

This custom printed magnetic and drywipe board has been designed especially for Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital. A fantastic diagram board to display information and allow notes and discussions to take place. This board is unique and we can place any kind of image or diagram on a board of any size.

Theatre Equipment Board

This theatre equipment board for Imperial College Healthcare allows effective management of necessary tools and equipment. Simple but effective, these boards are a boon to operating theatres. Customised to fit their specific needs, it will be put to good use giving theatre staff a clear and concise method of communication surrounding their tools and equipment. Our boards can be made …

Infection Prevention Board

This custom printed magnetics and drywipe whiteboard supplied to St Thomas Hospital is a standard design layout which can be customised with your own Trust or Company logos. They are a powerful and informative tool, and can have a confidentiality door to protect private information. These boards can be made any size to fit on your walls.

Admissions Board

This bespoke printed magnetic and drywipe whiteboard was created for NHS Lothian. A classic design and easy to follow, allowing all staff to monitor patient’s progression using this magnificent communication tool. These boards can be designed to display your own personal requirements.