Clear Pocket Patient Record Holders


Display patient information at their bed-end, making it accessible at all times. The clear pocket allows you to swap patient data and make any necessary updates. Choose from our standard designs or enquire about custom colours or materials.

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The Clear Pocket Patient Record Holder was designed as a response to the necessity of displaying patient information at their bed-end. The clear front pocket allows the display and interchangeability of patient data. The addition of Patient Record Holders improves the organisation of ward units and allows immediate access to patient information.

  • Suitable to fit any flat top bed end.
  • Acrylic, clear pocket to display patient data in A4 format.
  • Available colours: blue, red, green, yellow, grey & black.


Single 360mmx280mmx37mm, Double 360mmx280mmx100mm



Made from durable PVC plastics, our in-house made Patient Record Holders are designed to work in the challenging healthcare environments.

Easy to clean

Infection control friendly properties make this an easy item to clean. Helping to keep the environment healthy and sterile.

Colour Options

Choose from a variety of 6 different vivd colours. Brighten up your ward while adding more functionality.

Size Dimensions

Need more space for patient files? We offer a double capacity option so you can store more patient files efficiently.

Delivery Timescales

5 Working Days

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