Outpatient Board

The Outpatient Board displays important information such as the environment, care and leadership of the ward, and is used by management to ensure the ward constantly achieves high standards of care. Transparency of information is key to ward management efficiency and quality of care improvement.

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The board will be personalised to your own requirements & can have any elements added to it, including magnetic A4 or A3 pockets and informational magnetic trips and squares.


Visi-Plus Laminate

We manufacture our boards with the most durable laminate in the world. This heavy-duty surface will protect your board design from rubbing or fading away with use.

Custom Printed Design

We offer the best custom printed white board board design service in the UK. Make use of our free design service to create the board design that you envision.

Magnetic Surface

Has a strong magnetic surface that allows you to attach many kinds of magnetic accessories. Such as magnetic indicators, name strips ect...

Experts since 1981

We are the UK's leading innovators on custom printed whiteboards & have seen how they have evolved over the past 30 years.

Confidentiality Doors

If your board will contain confidential patient information, we have the option to add doors to one or both sides. Doors can be printed on both sides and locked.

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