Themed Patient Record Holder

The Themed Patient Record Holder will brighten up the patient’s stay in hospital whilst helping staff manage their records. As most children’s wards have a theme, we offer a custom designs service on request and free of charge for the first three proofs.

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The Themed Patient Record Holder was designed as a response to the necessity of displaying patient information at their bed-end in a stylish way. The addition of Themed Patient Record Holders will brighten up the patient’s stay in hospital whilst helping staff manage their records and interact easier with the patients.

  • Single hook option suitable to fit any flat top bed end.
  • Swivel hook suitable for curved/angled bed ends.
  • Wall/door mounted option available.
  • Available colours: red, blue, green, yellow, grey and black.


Single capacity: 360x280x37mm. Hook: 50mm. Double capacity: 360x280x100mm. Hook: 50mm.



Made from durable PVC plastics, our in-house made Patient Record Holders are designed to work in the challenging healthcare environments

Easy to clean

Infection control friendly properties make this an easy item to clean. Helping to keep the environment healthy and sterile.

Themed Front Design

Choose from our pre-made themed designs or use our free design service to make your own design. One of the best ways to add some colour and fun into a ward environment.

Size Dimensions

Need more space for patient files? We offer a double capacity option so you can store more patient files efficiently.

Delivery Timescales

10 Working Days after proof Confirmations.

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