Custom Printed Whiteboards Affordable, robust, reliable and long-lasting
whiteboards tailored exactly to your needs
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Our experts are here to help you design your
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Patient Record Holders
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A4 and A4 Clipboards with Hook for Bed Ends
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Different fixture options for bed ends and walls Brighten up your ward with a variety of colours Easy to clean with anti-microbial options Available in single and double capacity
Slide Patient Bed Panels & Boards Affordable, robust, reliable and long-lasting
whiteboards tailored exactly to your needs
Bespoke Design service and custom sizing Brighten up the ward with a range of colours to choose from Magnetic options available Free quote
Our experts are here to help you design your
board – from concept to completion
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We are happy to be the UK's best known designers and suppliers of custom-made, magnetic white boards designed to improve efficiency and help ward staff deliver the best care. With over 25 years’ experience supporting nurses and managers in the health care sector, our caring and enthusiastic team will make the process of creating your boards fast simple and cost effective.

25 years of dedication

  • Expert manufacture at our UK base
  • Supremely durable
  • Free in-house design service, 
  • Fast and friendly service, 
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Ten-day turnaround

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Our boards help to make the ward a reassuring and
efficient place for patients and nurses

Solutions For Every Ward

Specifically designed to help busy nursing staff achieve ward management targets and the best patient experience our products represent exceptional value and each one is designed to the customers brief.


Tailored Design

Our in-house design and manufacturing facilities give you the freedom to tailor unique ward solutions. For the past 25 years we have worked with some of the most innovative trusts in the UK to design systems that offer real-life ward efficiency improvements.

Delivery and Installation

We are aware of how busy you are, so our team will work around your staff's schedule to arrange delivery of products at your best convenience.

Free Expert Consultation

Our experienced team of account managers will listen carefully to your needs. Because we are dedicated to the healthcare sector, we can often bring our own ideas and suggestions, to add to your own.


In-House Manufacturing

We use the best materials, extrusions and laminates available, ensuring years of trouble-free use. We can confidently say our boards are the best in the market, so you can buy with complete confidence.


Never Ending Support

Our customer support does not end after your purchase, it lasts for as long as you need us, whether it is a consultation, quick expert advice or post-purchase product maintenance.


Live Custom Printed Whiteboards
Real Hospitals, Real People

Visit our NEW whiteboard gallery page to see the latest custom board designs we've manufactured. Including designs for some of the best healthcare organisations in the UK!

Salisbury Emergency Department Board

Made for Salisbury District Hospital, this small board will be used in an Emergency Department setting. Despite its size this board carries a lot of information and will certainly aid its users with patient management and care. Get in contact to see how we can help you!


Ward Board

Thanks to St James’s and the Leeds Teaching Hospital for purchasing this ward board. Despite being simple, this board will hopefully benefit the staff in lots of ways. No matter how simple or complex, we can do whatever you need.


Patient Status at a Glance (PSAG)

Purpose made, this PSAG features multiple unique aspects that greatly help with the management of patient flow and care. This board has a close able door for confidentiality which also acts as another place to show important keys for understanding the board.


Nutrition Board

We can turn any idea, process or problem into a baord. Anything we can monitor we can manage which is what this board aims to fufill for patient nutrition and diet. Easy to read columns and rows allow staff to quickly figure out the likes, dislikes and much more about the patient. Get in contact and we’ll see what we ... Read More


Ward Bay Bed Board

A very big thanks to Fordwich Ward at East Kent Hospitals University who recently received their own ward board bed bay board. Here at Visual Systems, we would like to wish the team every success using this board. We hope it will improve communications for all staff. Different sizes of these boards are available.


Butler Green Patient Feedback Board

This custom printed magnetic and drywipe board has been designed especially for Oldham Care Organisation. A fantastic communication tool to allow patient feedback and evidence of change to suit the comments. These boards will help any ward or department and can be any size.