Patient Experience Placemat

Patient Experience Placemat

About this product

The Patient Information Placemat improves communication with patients, especially those confined to bed. It perfectly fits patients over-bed tables and it displays important information about their care and ward routines.

The Patient Information Placemat is a product we have designed at our clients’ request and with their helpful input. Since its implementation the product helped eliminate patients’ confusion regarding ward routines (care, visiting times, meal times etc.) and reduced staff interruptions. The product comes in an A3 size and is printed to your own design requirements.

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Product specfication

  • Also known as: Information Placemat, Hospital Table Placemat, Table-top Ward Information
  • Multiple material options available, including double sided
  • Dimensions: A3 (420x297mm) with rounded corners.
  • Bespoke printed to your own requirements and in full colour.
  • Remains in good condition without fading or colour degradation.
  • Contributes towards achieving the three second visualisation rule.
  • Creates efficiency and saves time by reducing staff interruptions.
  • Easy to clean for infection control.

Hard Wearing Materials

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