Trauma and A&E/ER Boards

Trauma and A&E/ER Boards

About this board

Our Major Incident/ Trauma boards help break down information into easy to read and understand sections, helping aid communication across the ward.

All boards are available either to be fixed to the wall or as free standing on wheels, allowing boards to be moved to wherever they are most needed in the department.

Visi-Plus Laminate

Custom-Printed Design

Magnetic Surface

Product specfication

  • Dry wipe board
  • Any size up to 2700mm x 1200mm
  • Robust aluminium frame
  • Confidentiality doors available
  • Lockable clear acrylic doors available
  • Magnetic surface
  • Each board comes with 4 wall plugs, 4 screws, and 4 corner caps
  • Boards over 1500mm wide and boards (of any size) with doors will also be supplied 4 brackets for added support

Call 01484 865786 to order your custom printed whiteboard.